Gifted Services at CMS

The MCPS Gifted Program provides services to gifted students using a two-part service model.  Gifted education service options from K-8 are offered continuously and sequentially, with instructional time during the school day and week to provide time with age based peers (40%), academic peers (40%) and for independent learning (20%) based on VDOE regulations.
Teacher Responsibilities
Classroom Teacher

  • Students identified as gifted are clustered 

  • Teachers differentiate curriculum and instruction in English and math based on student need and data

  • Students work with age-based peers and intellectual peers throughout the day

  • Differentiation is reported to parents in the DSP and DIRP

Gifted Resource Teacher (GRT)   

  • GRTs collaborate with classroom teachers, plan differentiated lessons, and provide rigorous and appropriate activities and lessons


  • The GRT will work with students during a regularly scheduled time established by the GRT and building administrator. 


  • Students are grouped with intellectual peers with a curriculum that encourages: problem solving skills, critical, collaborative, and creative thinking skills, reasoning and higher-level thinking

  • Students develop their leadership and extend their learning through independent projects

  • Instructional focus is on developing critical, analytical, deductive and creative thinking skills

  • Students work with their academic peers to develop their social and emotional learning


  1. Gifted Resource Teacher at your child’s school: Sara Quesenbery [email protected]

  2. Your child’s classroom teacher

  3. Mr. Hipple, CMS Principal [email protected]

  4. Diane Naff, Administrator Director of Gifted Programs for MCPS  [email protected] 

  5. To learn more please visit our website: